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Property Management

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iFollow Alerts

Mass Notification Initiated by Management

Empower users with 1-click Mass Crisis Notifications Transmit SMS, Image or Video for identification transparency Segment Notifications Within Groups For Targeted Delivery…

Activating A Panic Alert

Should the resident observe anything suspicious they simply issue a panic alert from the app. Like a panic alarm, which includes their “location(real-time map) ”, “live streaming video” and a “custom message”(example: I’m walking my dog on south side of tennis courts-someone is breaking into a blue car) is instantly transmitted to the administrator. A Panic Alert should be used in scenarios which the resident feels imminent danger, or observes suspicious activity. Possible scenarios might range from an active burglary, to a resident feeling uncomfortable walking by themselves through the community after hours, and require a virtual escorts.

iFollow Alerts

Residents Anonymous Alert

The user possess the same functionality of a Panic Alert. Alternately, personal and identifying information, specifically the user profile , will not be made available to the administrators. As with an iFollow Panic Alert , Geo-location will transmit to…

Private: A Virtual Bodyguard

A home is an oasis, and a resident should feel a sense of safety in their own community. There will always be instances in which a resident finds themselves in a daunting situation where help might be required. The resident simply initiates a Safewalk and gets a virtual live escort watching their every step until they arrive to a their door. Transmit Live Video of their incident as it unfolds Transmit Resident Location Initiate communication via 2 Way Chat.

iFollow Alerts

Building Security Control Center

An End to End Eco-System which incorporates a Control Center Admin that’s compatible with any web browser or Smartphone platform. Here, the buildings administrator will receive and analyze all real-time data transmitted from the user(s), and take appropriate action…