iFollow Mass Notification Alert Platform keeps your
Community Connected in An Emergency

Critical Alert Features

  • Issue real-time Crisis alerts
  • Issue Voice Broadcast alerts
  • Video & Image embedded alerts
  • Group segmentation to specified user’s
  • Alerts are name and date stamped
  • Schedule alerts to transmit at a future time

Simplified Alerts

  • Community meeting updates and changes
  • Internal general communications
  • Power Failures, Parking and infrastructure alerts
  • Survey for resident feedback
  • Resident Event reminders
  • Weather & traffic related incidents

Unsuspecting vehicle owners are at constant risk of having their vehicles stolen!

Most auto thefts occurred at or close to the owners home. But if you’re walking back to your car...

Help! I Witnessed a Crime! First thing to do is call 911.

Residents with the iFollow Safety Alert installed may then initiate  a “Panic Alert” & immediately connect with the...

A major component in securing a community is resident compliance.

Thus, it must be the managements responsibility to partner with all residents of their community. By collaborating closely with the residents,...

Activating A Panic Alert

Should the resident observe anything suspicious they simply issue a panic alert from the app. Like a panic alarm, which includes their “location(real-time map) ”, “live streaming video” and a “custom message”(example: I’m walking my dog on south side of tennis courts-someone is breaking into a blue car) is instantly transmitted to the administrator. A Panic Alert should be used in scenarios which the resident feels imminent danger, or observes suspicious activity. Possible scenarios might range from an active burglary, to a resident feeling uncomfortable walking by themselves through the community after hours, and require a virtual escorts.

Residents Anonymous Alert

The user possess the same functionality of a Panic Alert. Alternately,  personal and identifying information, specifically the user profile , will not be made available to the administrators. As with an iFollow Panic Alert , Geo-location  will transmit to...

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Building Security Control Center

An End to End Eco-System which incorporates a Control Center Admin that’s compatible with any web browser or Smartphone platform. Here, the buildings administrator will receive and analyze all real-time data transmitted from the user(s), and take appropriate action...

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Mass Notification Initiated by Management

Empower users with 1-click Mass Crisis Notifications Transmit SMS, Image or Video for identification transparency Segment Notifications Within Groups For Targeted Delivery      

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