The IfollowAlerts Difference

Panic Alert Features

Transmit Video/GPS Alerts

Panic Alerts are deployed by the End-User in times of distress.
An ideal option for Schools, Residential Communities, Corporate Campuses & incidents in which breaches of security occur.
Once an Alert is initiated, the user can share their live video, location and communicate to one or more system administrators simultaneously.
User’s should always contact 911 first in a dangerous situation, or when in imminent danger.

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Tip Report Features

When to use a Tip Report

An app user chooses to use our Tip Report feature for a variety of reasons.

Send a message to management which is private or confidential in nature.

A user may have details regarding an incident that has taken place or will be taking place, and it’s their belief that the administrator should be made aware of the situation.

Outgoing Notification Features

Administrator Mass Notifications

Notifications may be broadcast in both a text or voice format. A recorded voice message will transmit to users via our Mobile app

A text-notification transmits to the user’s email, SMS, and Mobile app. 

Additionally, you may embed an image or video into your text notifications. An ideal utility when alerting users of suspicious or unwelcome individuals on the grounds.

Group Segmentation allows you to match the appropriate groups with relevant messages.

Scheduling feature allows you to schedule and dispatch an alert at a future time.

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Ifollow Alerts

Control Hub

On-site or remote, your system administrator receives and analyzes real-time Emergency Notifications transmitted by the user(s). Appropriate action is then taken as the situation unfolds. Your Control Center Hub retains all details including user profiles, recorded video, 2-way communications and user location. It’s all easily accessed to be used for evidence or backup at a later date. SaaS makes it easy to “organize” your workforce! Administrators access Panic Alert data from any Internet-connected computer or mobile device. You don’t need to worry about having apps and programs which run on different types of computers and devices. As your SaaS provider, we’ve done it all for you.

Critical Alert Features

   Issue real-time Crisis alerts
   Issue Voice Broadcast alerts
   Video & Image embedded alerts
   Group segmentation to specified user’s
   Alerts are name and date stamped
   Schedule alerts to transmit at a future time.

Simplified Alerts

   Schedule changes and meeting updates
   Internal general communications
   Power Failures
   Survey for audience feedback
   Event reminders
   Weather & traffic related incidents.